{Pronounced Bah-tee}


“Birds are recognized by their feathers.”  – Bati

Bati is a seasoned vet in the trenches of international entrepreneurship who has lived through the good, the bad and the ugly over the years. He has aptly been dubbed “A Global Leader” by The Wall Street Journal and Dr. Zia Khan of The Rockefeller Foundation once introduced Bati to the audience as “one of the most intriguing international entrepreneurs (I’ve) ever met.”


Global Entrepreneurship


Multicultural Leadership


Int'l Humanitarianism


Latin America Region


Diversity Initiatives



The diversification across and within select industry segments is driven by Bati's strategic focus to provide unique insight, guide growth and create enduring value.


The Wall Street Journal highlighted Bati as “A Global Leader” through due diligence and with always striving to deliver tailored value to clients online & offline.



In this modern-day digital age, there’s a case to be made for communicating via video conferences, phone calls and emails among other digital mediums. Bati understands the value of remote collaborations and he can personalize a solution to meet your needs, wherever you might be located around the globe with an internet connection.


Face-to-face communication, particularly dialog, has special neural features that other types of communication do not have. Bati comprehends the importance of the neural synchronization between parties in a personal meeting and he is dedicated to the time and effort required to coordinate such interactions.
Consulting And Coaching


Bati provides value-added discussions that connect with the target audience.


Bati delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes, seamlessly in both the English and Spanish languages.

He emanates a balance between energizing and practical; entertaining and result-focused; fun and impactful. Bati blends deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive.

Every discussion is customized to drive the greatest possible impact, combining engaging stories, gorgeous visuals and practical techniques that push audiences to jumpstart their creative energy and solve challenges in fresh and innovative ways.

St. Mary's University
U.S. Embassy Guatemala City


It's A Small World Afterall

International Entrepreneurship

Afford To Care Enterprise Model

Social Entrepreneurship

Soccer And Life Lessons

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Two Steps At A Time

Impactful Diaspora Leadership

The Bebé Boomers

Latin@s in the U.S. and Latin America

The Identity Benefit

Multi-local. Multi-cultural. Multi-national.

“One of the hardest things about finding a great keynote speaker is finding someone who can relate to the crowd and is able to speak to the unique aspects of the topics at hand. Bati really nailed it. He delivered a great talk and great experience for our audience about the value of volunteering.”

The White HouseBarrack Obama, 44th U.S. President

“Bati was one of our highest rated speakers – and we have had some very impressive speakers.”

The New York TimesRoberto Matus, Director LatAm Diaspora

“The address was really informative and definitely made me reflect on the approach for achieving impact and realizing the organization’s mission and goals. It was a great speech filled with very interactive discussion points and a lot of diverse viewpoints.”

The Rockefeller FoundationDr. Zia Khan, Vice President Initiatives & Strategy

“This address not only taught about corporate social responsibility and sustainability, it also made me think about the topics in an even broader way than I already was thinking. This will help me in my role as a public and private sector leader and mentor.”

United States Embassy Guatemala CityTodd D. Robinson, U.S. Ambassador

“The feedback from both the students and faculty about the presentation has been superb. The graduate students were particularly intrigued to learn from an alumnus that has acquired real world experiences in the international business arena. Bati definitely has a fan following on our campus!”

St. Mary's UniversityDr. Tanuja Singh, Dean