“Bati, you are truly amazing and inspiring! The feedback from your commencement keynote was so incredibly positive and we were applauded for bringing you in as the youngest ever TLU alumnus to address a graduating class. Thank you!”

Dr. Stuart Dorsey, President

Texas Lutheran University


"Afford To Care" Commencement Speech

Texas Lutheran University (TLU) is a prestigious private institution that is globally recognized and hosts their official commencement ceremonies on a bi-annual basis following the Spring and Fall semesters. Bati is the youngest keynote speaker to ever address the TLU community during commencement and the historic “Afford To Care” speech was delivered and witnessed live by thousands of attendees on the day of the ceremony.

In addition to inspiring the graduating class, Bati provided a stroke of excellence closing out their experience of a challenging academic environment that set a path for lifelong learning. Bati further supported TLU's positioning as bold, sincere, hardworking and through his commitment to the student body that is intellectually curious and who have a serious interest in being involved and giving back.