International Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are normally in a constant fight for the survival of their venture and they offer high risk with the potential for high reward, if the company succeeds. Entrepreneurs are always stretching the boundaries of what is possible – in terms of innovation, business practices and often sanity. While for many professionals, this sounds like a stressful and uncertain work style, entrepreneurs tend to thrive on this combination of urgency, risk and a constant string of problem solving.

Bati knows that global business is complicated by varying cultural expectations and business environments. Those who can effectively navigate different business situations have a significant advantage over competitors who cannot. It takes leaders with an open mind to creative problem solving and learning from new markets.

It's A Small World Afterall

Due to advances in technology, the world is literally at our finger tips and many entrepreneurs become international entrepreneurs by default, and that is where the real work begins. International expansion can either exponentially grow an organization or destroy it. Bati has walked the walk and talked the talk in the international business arena and his expertise can help avoid costly mistakes and realize growth potential.


As many entrepreneurs have discovered to their ultimate failure, global risks must be well managed. That includes political, economic, currency, competition, regulations, IP theft and customer preferences.


It’s easy to get focused on one little corner of the world. But globalization compels us to look to other markets for customers. That means continually learning about big trends and keeping focused on the future without losing a pulse of the present.


Smart approaches to international business starts with the strategy development. Effective cross-cultural team integration while maximizing the potential of international business opportunities is an art form in itself.


Bati has founded a Global Merchant Trading Company and he has acquired the global experience which is required to effectively establish and grow an operation of that nature in the domestic and international markets.