Soccer Team Locker Room

Soccer is a free flowing sport similar to the nature of life. There are no plays to memorize or runs to follow. Soccer is fluid and unpredictable just as day-to-day life is. Soccer teaches its players how to expect the unexpected. Life is a roller coaster and so is the beautiful game.

Playing the beautiful game will teach footballers more than foot skills, passing techniques and how to score goals. The sport teaches lessons that carry through as footballers venture through the real world. Regardless if one has ever stepped foot on a soccer pitch, the lessons are worth knowing.

Soccer And Life Lessons

We oftentimes champion soccer to teach valuable life lessons through the sporting experience. But what lessons exactly do we want to learn? Bati takes a closer look at the many life lessons that each experience imparts to footballers – on all levels.


Facing adversity with a group of people who are working to achieve a common goal creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. It would be near impossible to play a soccer game alone and the same goes for life.


Set the bar high and reach for the stars. Put the ball in the back of the net. Nothing is stopping us from achieving our dreams. Just know that when we reach or score our goals, it will be hard to wipe the smile off of our face.


Not every game we play will result in a win. Sometimes we face defeat even after maximum effort is put into the cause. That is the reality of life. We win some, we lose some and we learn from them.


Bati has been involved in soccer as a competitive player or executive administrator his entire life. He's led development efforts on the collegiate and professional levels with Soccer United Marketing of Major League Soccer.