“Bati was the highlight of our SXSW Latin@s event as the closing keynote speaker. He understood our audience and delivered great value. Not only that, he’s smart, clearly spoken, professional, funny and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”

Kety Esquivel, Sr. Vice President

Latin@s In Tech Summit


Latin@s in Tech Summit

The Latin@s in Tech Summit was a one day event that was an important catalyst and milestone in maximizing the opportunity for all Latin@s to benefit and contribute to the experience of SXSW and other tech events and conferences as well as the tech industry as a whole. Bati contributed to the intimate experience of being able to network and engage directly with Latin@ peers and mentors discussing trends and innovations in the tech and digital space that impact the Latino community.

For years, the tech industry guarded its diversity numbers, until public pressure forced companies to reveal what many suspected: a dismal reality in which few Latin@s worked in jobs, and especially in leadership roles, in the nation’s most desirable tech companies. Among other topics, Bati explored the question: If tech companies aren't effectively recruiting and cultivating Latin@ talent in their own backyard, how legitimate are their national efforts to diversify?