“I just want to thank you for your professional translation services. The other scientists, writers and I obtained a great deal of value from your live translation and I believe your multi-lingual background really helped to connect our presentations with the audience.“

Dr. Madrid, Neurologist

México City, D.F.


Latin America’s Finest Scientist & Writers

The Creativity and the Brain Conference brought together Latin America’s finest writers and scientists to present on various topics in their specialties. Each presentation was linguistically translated live from the Spanish to the English language by Bati.

Dr. Horacio Sentíes Madrid is a leading neurologist. His specialty is epileptology neurology and he presented his book “The Transformist” which is a tale about the concept of reality. Dr. Amélie Olaíz is a renowned creative director and she presented her section of the book “Three Messages and a Warning” which had already been published in México, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. The list of presenters is exhausting to say the least as the best of the best were showcased from across Latin America.