“Bati’s keynote was one of the best I have ever attended - and I have attended a lot of presentations in my 25+ year career!”

José Carmelo, President
Association of Guatemalan Executives (AGG)


Association of Guatemalan Executives (AGG)

The Guatemalan Entrepreneur of the Year recognition is awarded to a deserving candidate that has proven results in the domestic and international marketplaces. The award is bestowed on behalf of the Association of Guatemalan Executives (AGG) which is the elite professional business consortium in the Republic of Guatemala.

In its almost 60 years of existence, AGG has more than 3,000 associates who come from the most important companies of the Central American region, and is the most important trade union of the region. AGG is a non-profit and non-political entity. Its purpose is to promote the managerial improvement of the leaders responsible for directing the development of the private and public sectors, as well as helping to improve the national economy and raise living standards, through the application of management principles.