Combining clarity, accountability and support with the more technical side of things.

A consultant is like an adviser while a coach is more like a partner, so whether you need both or one or another – Bati can help.

Knowing the difference between a consultant and a coach can save a lot of time and a ton of disappointment for everyone involved. Hence, Bati highly values addressing a few important discovery questions from the onset since he operates as a consultant/coach hybrid.

What do you know about the topic at hand?

What level of ongoing support do you require?

What are the end results you would like to achieve?

Working with the right consultant or coach can truly help take you to new heights. The support and guidance that Bati offers will save you time and money along with helping create a plan of action required for actually accomplishing set goals.



Bati’s work with individuals is highly customized, focusing on clarity, growth and change. Through his one-on-one approach, Bati can walk executives, senior leaders, managers and other key influencers through the steps they need to take to become healthier individuals, build healthier teams and create better customer experiences.
While others can sometimes rush to simply “solve” issues, Bati seeks the truth that underlies the profound challenges that can be faced which in turn can permanently transform lives and professional careers.


Bati has owned and run startups and small businesses. He has worked in medium size organizations and he has been a change catalyst, always rising to tackle new and emerging problems in various areas of companies. He has opened new markets and has mentored others on how to build and grow their companies.
Bati can assist in overcoming the problems that all small organizations continually have (increasing sales and creating stability, growth and positive change) because he has walked in the same shoes.


Bati has worked at the global headquarters of large corporations and he understands the importance of providing solutions based on the entity’s prime products, services or expertise. Among the endless array of challenges which can surface, Bati strives to continually address the mission challenges, the identity challenges and the structure challenges that can evolve within a large entity.
Whether it be on an ongoing project basis or an ad-hoc basis,  Bati will help optimize performance and maximize value.