Prior to the expansive United Airlines merger and acquisition, Continental Airlines was already positioned as an international airline offering products and services to the global community. Due to his natural affinity with Latin America and the United States, Bati was sought after to provide insight and guide the development of products and services between the aforementioned regions which were deployed on the ground in airports and in the air during the on-board passenger experiences.
Working alongside the internal On-Board Products & Services team and the external Advertising, Media, Collateral and Promotion teams; Bati drove the synergy needed for the brand to speak with one voice around the world while recognizing local issues and sensibilities. The strategies developed were extendable internally and externally across a wide range of messages in various media, collateral and point-of-sale materials; efficiently accommodating high volume and rapid turnaround revenue streams.
Continental Airlines


Continental Airlines


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LatAm and BusinessFirst Services

Bati delivered effective brand and product strategy development which built awareness, increased consideration and established a unique and compelling personality with high-yield target consumers resulting in increased revenue.


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Continental Airlines

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Continental Airlines

Leveraging the insight of the cultural significance of "encargos" within the general LatAm culture, Bati developed the strategy which drove the campaign in all of it's touch points both digitally and physically.