In an effort to diversify their product offering, Show Me Madrid established a strategic partnership with Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience soccer camps which bring about culture and coexistence through sport with the ends of recreation and education. In an attempt to bring about individual and social development of children through values that consolidate an integrated human training experience, Bati was in demand to bridge the project in the U.S. market.
Having prior knowledge of the U.S. soccer market, Bati was able to spearhead effective market research efforts which included social and opinion research by systematically gathering and interpreting information about the target market consumers. Bati used statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight and support decision making in addition to the deployment of a lead generation campaign.
Show Me Madrid


Show Me Madrid


Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience

What Bati Did

Partnership Strategy Development

Bati delivered extensive market research and lead generation strategy development which raised awareness, elevated consideration and provided the U.S. target consumer segments with a value added European option to consider for youth player development.


Partnership Sample

Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience

Program Sample

Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience

Utilizing the digital assets provided by Show Me Madrid and Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, Bati contributed to providing insight and guidance in the development of the digital campaign.