Guaterican Bambina

Hi, my name is María Alejandra Flores.

Welcome to my personal web page where I share important milestones that have taken place in my life along with relevant information as the daughter of Karla Michelle Cartagena and José Alejandro Flores.
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Puerto Rico

My First 9 Months

My mother took the utmost care of me during this time as I grew in her tummy supported by my father’s emotional comfort. Thankfully for both my mother and for myself we had a very healthy nine months of growth and development. We were also blessed with neither of us having to face any detrimental health issues prior-to or during my birth.

My Next 12 Months

My first year after birth has been a wonderful time always surrounded by all of my loved ones. From being a little jewel that enjoyed just eating and sleeping to then, in just a few months, a little princess who can almost walk and who also says mami and papi. Among all the nappies and bottles, time flies so fast and I barely realized it was passing.

My First Year

I’m always learning new things, continually circled by my family that fosters stable and predictable rhythms in tune with my needs, combining warmth and discipline. Keep up with the latest things that I’m interested in the world around me as they continually develop, just as fast as I do either crawling, walking or running.

My Second Year

During this time my family encouraged activity and exploration by providing me safe environments that let me be active every day. Besides the physical benefits, this is also how a lot of my learning took place. I also started to trim down and become more muscular because of increased activity and I began to look more like a preschooler than a baby.


I appreciate you visiting my personal web page.

Please contact my parents if you have any questions or concerns.
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