My Ongoing Updates

1st Birthday Invitation

My 1st Birthday Party

Built in 1904, the historical boutique where my party was hosted is located in the Monte Vista District right in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

My Shining Sequin Bowknot Party Dress

My Heart

Full of Joy, Happiness and Laughter.

This Big Heart Of Mine

Belongs to a princess that’s divine.

My Star

Shines Bright and Magnifies Glee.

This Little Light Of Mine

I’m gonna let it shine.

History In The Making

As is the custom in both of my parent's cultures, the 1st birthday party is one that is immensely special and it is usually celebrated in fashion, accompanied by family and close friends. I had a great time and I look forward to celebrating many more!

My Physical Therapy

Throughout the 2018 calendar year I received bi-weekly therapy session from professional pediatric physical therapist who assisted with my ongoing developmental needs.

Professional Pediatric Physical Therapy

When it came to physical therapy, we made many important choices, the first of which was who we trusted to guide us through it. In addition to other certified therapist, the principal person for me was Priscilla Chapa who provided stable one-on-one care and personalized treatment plans tailored to my unique needs.

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