My First 9 Months

My World In The Womb

My mother's womb is a sacred, loving space where I was fully nourished and nurtured through preconception, pregnancy and birth.

Gender Reveal

My parents were both eager and excited to learn of my gender and at 15 weeks into my development they learned that I was going to be a girl and I was growing healthy!

Baby On Board

Made with love and lots of heart!

First 3-Dimensional Images

This was the first glimpse that my parents had of how I was physically developing through 3D ultrasound imaging and thankfully for everyone it was in a very healthy and stable manner.

Womb Movements

An exciting landmark was when I first sent my mother the tiny sensations of me moving inside her womb showing her that I was alive and developing well.

3D Imaging Update

Nine months is a long time to wait so my parents were always eager to continually get an even more in-depth and detailed look at my little fingers and toes.

St. Luke's Hospital Visit

Soon before my birth my parents visited the hospital where I would be born so that they were both familiar with the layout and the procedures.

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